Basic Shampoo $0

*Included in Groom Packages

Dirty Beastie

Absolute Red

Hypoallergenic  $0

*included in Groom Packages

Tar and Sulfur $10

Naturally works on exfoliating, antifungal agents aids in the relief of the itching and discomfort of psoriarsis, seborrhea, eczema, and extremely dry flaky skin.

Eucalyptus+Peppermint $15

Or $20 with Nagayu Spaw Treatment

Soothing relief Shampoo

Compelling benefits of eucalyptus trees and peppermint plants. Their fragrant oils help relieve pets of their most topical skin problems, while acting cool and relieve irritated skin. Pet must be more the 6 weeks old

Canadian Medicated Shampoo $10

is a cleansing antiseptic shampoo indicated as a aid in the treatment of non specific superficial dermatoses in dogs and cats. Provides antibacterial, antifungal, keratolytic and antipruritic action. The Keratolytic action aids in removal of scales, crusts and odour-causing debris.

Blueberry Facial $5

Flea Treatment $10

Skunk Treatment $10