Groomer’s Touch V.I.P. Nail Card

Purchase One of the Following Services for HALF Price

There is a $3.00 Membership Fee per card, Plus Tax

The membership cards are Reloadable

6 Nail Trims (Value $60)  $45

12 Nail Trims (Value $120) $90

A La Carte


$5.00-10.00                                $15.00-30.00

      Nail Trims ($15)                            Nail Trim&Grind

              Pad Shave                                    Nail&Pads&Feet Trim

               Bum Scoop                                   Bum&Belly&Front Legs

Mini Face Trim                              Full Face Trim

Tail Trim                                        Nail Polish

    Glands                                          Bum Shaping

         Sani&Armpits                               Specialty Shampoo’s

Teeth Brushing                            Teeth Brushing

     (with toothbrush)                          (without Toothbrush)

Ear Plucking                               Deshedding


Specialty Shampoos Add on’s

Eucalytus&Peppermint $15

Great for summer, helps keep the bugs away as well as sooths irritated skin \

Tar&Sulfur $10

Good for dry flaky skin as well as, relieves dry itchy skin

Nagayu Spa Treatment (Bathing) $5-10

Repairs hair growth, good for blood circulation, hot spots and yeast removal

Hydro Massage Bathing System

This specialty is included in each appointment that requires a bath

Blueberry Facial $5, Flea Treatment $10, Skunk treatment $10, Regular Shampoo $0, Hypoallergenic Shampoo $0



Blow out, Brush Out, Bath Not Included


*Prices Varies, Appointment required

This package includes

Bath, Dry, Brush, Ears, and Nails

*This package does not qualify if there are any Tangles or Knots in hair

*Please note the difference between Bath&Brush and Bath&Tidy Package 

Bath and Tidy Packages
(prices varies with Breed, phone for quote, or come in for Consultation)
*Bath, Brush, nails, pads, feet, sanitary, glands, face, and tail trim, belly and bum

(prices varies with Breed, phone for quote, or come in for Consultation)
Same as above, but with the full haircut on body and legs, all grooms are finished with Hand scissor.

Dog-Sitting Daycare Cage Free
If you need your pet groomed but timing isn’t working out, let us help make things a little more flexible. We are now offering Day Care with Full Groom Packages.
Full Day Daycare with/without Full Groom Package  $25+tax additional on Grooming Package. Full day is from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Includes Two 15min washroom breaks
Half Day Daycare with/without Full Groom Package $15+tax

5 Hours for half Day, Between the Hours of 8:00-4:00pm, Includes One  15 Min walk

Please request Daycare upon booking Grooming Package Appointment

*Also Available without Groom Packages. Same Price!!

Time Management

A $10 Charge will be added to grooming package if pet is picked up 2 hours after being finished

A $20 charge will be added if pet is picked up longer then 2 hours after pet is finished.

If pet is picked up by 5PM, there will be a $30 charge added.

It is best to make arrangements for Daycare when booking the Grooming Appointments

*30 min Grace period for picking up pet after being notified

Drop Off           Estimated Pick Up

   8-9                          12-1

  9-10                        1-2

10-11                      2-3

11-12                      3-4

    12-1                       4-4:30

1-2                         4-5