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Purchase One of the Following Services for HALF Price

6 Nail Trims (Value $60)  $30

6 Face Trims (Value $60) $30

12 Nail Trims (Value $120) $60

6 Feet Trim (Value $120) $60

Nails and ear cleaning    


Nails, Ears and Grind 


Nail Polish (New Service)


Feet, Pads, Nails 




Full Face Trim 


Mini Face Trim 


Teeth Brushing
$10.00 or $5.00 if bring your own tooth brush

Gland Expression

Ear Cleaning

Sani, Armpits & Bum Scoop

Bum, Belly, Front Furnishings


Full Bum Trim 


Bandana and cologne/perfume spray

Specialty Shampoos Add on’s

Nagayu Spa Treatment (Bathing)




Blow out, Brush Out, Bath Not Included

Bath and Tidy Packages
(prices varies with Breed, phone for quote, or come in for Consultation)
*Bath, Brush, nails, pads, feet, sani, glands, face, and tail trim, belly and bum

(prices varies with Breed, phone for quote, or come in for Consultation)
Same as above, but with the full haircut on body and legs, all grooms are finished with Hand scissor.

Dog-Sitting Daycare Cage Free
If you need your pet groomed but timing isn’t working out, let us help make things a little more flexible. We are now offering Day Care with Full Groom Packages.
Full Day Daycare with/without Full Groom Package  $20+tax additional on Grooming Package. Full day is from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Includes Two 15min washroom breaks
Half Day Daycare with/without Full Groom Package $10+tax

5 Hours for half Day, Between the Hours of 8:00-4:30pm, Includes One  15 Min walk

Please request Daycare upon booking Grooming Package Appointment

*Also Available without Groom Packages. Same Price!!

Pick Up/Drop Off Pet Carrier Service

We are unable to provide this service any longer!