June 2018


June Special Only

50% Off New Customer Haircuts (Limited Space, Book with Jessica only)

50% Off Existing Customers Side Services 

Stay Tuned for Our June Special. (2018)
We will be having a 1/2 Price of our,

On The Spot Packages.
Which includes,
Nails and ears (Reg. $10, on for $5)
Face Trim (Reg. $10, On for $5)
Feet, Nails, Pads (Reg.$20, on for $10)
Sani and Armpit trim (Reg. $7, On for $3.50)
Gland Expression (Reg $5, On for $2.50)
Teeth Brushing (Reg. $10, On for $5)
Pull Hair and clean ears (Reg. $5, On for $2.50)
Bandanna/Perfume (Reg. $3, On for $1.50)