Please Read!

I am very thankful for all the loyal clients and all the word of mouth compliments passed on by customers.

With that, we have become extremely in high demand with grooming appointments.

The goal suggestion is to have most clients booked out for the whole year.

The reasoning, so clients do not have longer wait times in between haircuts to get back in with the groomer. With us being so busy, we can become booked up 2 to 3 months  ahead.

For new clients, we will only schedule one appointment at first. And then if you are happy, satisfied and pleased, we will suggest you book the full year out.

Also please keep in mind, healthy maintenance is between every 4 weeks and not going passed 12 weeks for grooming appointments.

Booking out the full year, I understand that vacations might not be figured out yet, or somethings might come up, even a Covid Lockdown.

We only ask for 24 hour notice to reschedule or cancel the appointment without a *missed appointment charge. The charge is equal to your service scheduled for that appointment.

Unless a lockdown happens of course.

We will  write down each appointment you have prebooked, we also send out email reminders 3 days prior to the scheduled appointment to allow you to confirm or reschedule.

If we do not see you have responded to the email, we  call to confirm the day before your scheduled appointment.