About Us

Groomer’s Touch is a full service dog grooming salon that welcomes dogs of all sizes. We’ve cared for pets as if they were our own since 2006. We offer a wide range of grooming services which you can learn more about here. Groomer’s Touch is conveniently located in the very reputable Blair Animal Hospital. Over the past 12  years of operation we’ve formed a loyal and trusting list of clients and we welcome you to bring your pet to our location—let our experienced team help pamper your special little one.

We care for large breeds, small breeds, Bully breeds, all breeds.

Welcome Pet Lovers to Groomer’s Touch.

We take pride in our services and invite you to see the differences in our pet care, which we are happy to offer. Each pet care specialist has a passion to treat your pet as if they were part of our own family.
We are also a Veterinarian Supported Salon with great recommendations.
This well-established Grooming facility has been growing with 12+ years. Groomer’s Touch is a slow-paced, small spaced, stress-free and comfortable environment, not only for your pet but for you as well. This way we can form a bond with you and your pet.
Most of our grooming appointments take 3+ hours to ensure our quality of care. Our Pet Stylist will not become over booked, therefore your pet gets the time and one on one interactions best for their needs and enjoyment.
We have a very clean and a sterilized facility to welcome your pets in to. We do a regular routine cleaning of the shop to minimize the risk of contagious illnesses and circulation of fleas, etc. And of course, to enjoy a great smelling work place.
We do not discriminate against any breed. We welcome all breeds with open arms. Also, very experienced in distressed, high anxiety dogs. With or without medications. If you have been turned away from other facilities, Please do not hesitate to call. In our facility, we do not use heat dryers. We provide hand drying but if your dog is too fearful, we will then use the cage dryers only set on the cool settings with timed intervals. Once again, we are a non-rushed, stress-free facility.
We also have a lot more to offer. Please take notice of the
Discounts and Program page.


Placed 1st in 2010 Ren’s Pets Grooming competition

Educated by her very own mother, Carol, known best from previous owner and founder of Carol’s Grooming Services**(no longer owner of business)

I put a lot of dedication into my work to please the pets and the pet owners

My place of business is a stress free environment for pets

Its very difficult for me not to fall in love with every pet that comes to have a Spa day.

I am driven for pet and owners to have a very satisfying experience.


Aubrey has been with is almost a year now as a groomer’s assistant/groomer of double coated breeds

She is amazing, hard worker, who understands the dogs needs

If anyone who had a double coated breed and looking to book, schedule with Aubrey, you definitely won’t be disappointments

Wouldn’t be able to do it without Aubrey-one of a kind