At Groomer’s Touch, we have a great team of Ladies. Jessica(owner), Kayla, Sarah, and soon to be coming is, Cezanne. There is nothing better when the owner is also a groomer in the business that puts all her hard work, time and strength into running it. And the Ladies who help run everything smoothly. We take a lot of pride into our talents, which makes us the best team.

The dogs are why we fell in love with this job. They make us happy and put a smile on our face every day. So we must do the same for them. Our policy is that we do not rush on our pet clients. We try to ensure all the dogs walking into the shop are 95% comfortable in our care. The other 5% definitely want to be at home with their owners. Grooming can be an overwhelming process for some dogs. Others just love to come in and play with the other dogs and toys. So if the dogs need a break, we give it to them. If they aren’t happy with a certain. Part of the groom process, we switch to something else and return when they are more relaxed. Dogs comfort, health and mindfulness is definitely a priority here at Groomer’s Touch.

We have a Cage Free option for the dogs. We, ourselves prefer to have the dogs on the floor with full access of the shop. We get so much enjoyment on watch and playing with them. Sometimes we fall so in love with them, We don’t want to give them back. But we know we will see them again. But then there are some dogs who prefer to not socialize and be in their own space in  kennel. If that is the case, we have a provided doggy bed for them to curl into while they wait for their owners.

We offer Daycare!!! We understand that our business hours might not line up with your hours. So we also offer Daycare Service to help with your dog get the haircut they deserve. If they only need a half day, it is $10 added onto the groom price. If its a full day, $20 added onto the groom price. Daycare clients get full range of shop and Two 15Min walks, and always access to water. Please bring their own food.

We give Expert Advice. We will help you, giving our best knowledge for maintenance at home. We also suggest every 3-4 weeks for nail trims, 6-8 weeks between haircuts for long style cuts (high Maintenance), 8-12 Weeks between haircuts for short style cuts (low Maintenance).

We have some fabulous Specials always happening. One is Half price nail trim packages. And the other is a $3 discount savings off the next grooming appointment, booked on current appointment.

We have walk in services always available same day. We would appreciate a call before stopping in just so our dog client and human client can get the best of our abilities. We have nail trims, face trims, paw trims, anal gland expressions, and many more for a great price.

We are always volunteering our time doing Free Nail Trim events with Ren’s Pets Depot. We do donations to local charities for dogs who are in need.

We have great customer service and appreciation for everyone and pet that walks into the door. We do not discriminate any dog that comes to us. We have done many dogs that have been turned away from other grooming business. Everyone has a choice. We choose to turn no dog away without giving them all a chance first. 15 years experience can get you fast reflexes. We love them all.

We only use quality and pet friendly products on our clients. There are many options we provide that may help with your dogs current situation with skin irritations, etc.

All of the above we take pride in, but our most talent that is seen by our customers is the quality work we put into our hand-scissor grooms. All of our dog clients, short, long, tidy up, are always finished in a fully hand scissor. This is what helps us stand out from most others. We are always updating ourselves with education, going to grooming shows and seminars. We buy quality grooming tools and equipment as well to give a great finished look on your dogs hair and coat. We strive on quality over quantity everyday.

We are Award Winning

We are Vet Recommended

Client Recommended with 5-Star Google Rating

**Funny little article***

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Groomer Charges More Than Your Hairdresser

  1. Your hairdresser doesn’t wash and clean around your butt.
  2. You probably don’t go 8 weeks without washing or brushing your hair
  3. Your hairdresser doesn’t have to remove your eye boogers.
  4. Most likely, you sit still for your hairdresser.
  5. Your haircut doesn’t include a free pedicure and manicure.
  6. You probably didn’t roll in mud or step barefooted into poo in the last few weeks.
  7. You probably don’t bite or scratch your hairdresser.
  8. Your hairdresser probably doesn’t clean out your eyes and ears for you
  9. It’s unlikely that your hairdresser trims hair anywhere on your body except your head. (ugh, let’s hope not!)
  10. The likelihood of you pooping or peeing on your hairdresser is VERY slim 🙂

Wake Up, Hug a Pet, Have a Great Day!